Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Start of the season

Well the soil has been prepared. The rain (although not much) has come,and gone. Now we move our attention to sowing our seeds. We have already got lettuce,and spinach growing,and tomato plants (some volunteer plants that come up when they want) and others from the garden center.It looks like a good start to some delicious salads. On the other hand our indoor plants are loving the extra light from the 18 hour light cycle they get,and are quite happy to be inside away from the snails, and other pests.We also started a tray full of heirloom lettuce to be grown as "micro greens". This is a fun little project that doesn't cost much, and rewards you with nutrient packed delicious little greens for salads,soups, and sandwiches. We have much more to plant, and this year we hope to place our crops in better locations to ensure our plants are getting the sunlight they need, and not end up with plants fighting for space in the grow boxes.