Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Growing Healthy Foods Grows Healthy Bodies!!!!!!!!

With Summertime coming to an end, I can't help but look back at all the good fruits and vegetables that were so readily available, as they were in season. The planting, growing ,and Harvesting will continue throughout the Year however using the new Grow tent set up available through hydro-garden.com.http://www.hydro-garden.com/grow-tents-s/1820.htm

These tents allow you to keep growing your favorite veggies and herbs all year around. Summer may be coming to an end but the summertime foods and activities don't have to end!!!!

We just hiked a lovely trail along "coon creek" at the Coast in Mantana De Oro State Park.

My favorite exercise though is Golf. Luckily residing on the Central Coast of California I can get plenty of rounds in every year!!!!! LOOK OUT hole in one! I'm coming for you!!!!!!
Just remember whatever sport or hobby you like to do is a benefit to your overall health and fitness! It seems like the more hobbies and activities we plan for our health takes up a lot of our time, but the rewards we get from our gardening and healthy eating/exercising is worth it.Eat well, Play hard, and enjoy all life has to offer!!!