Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Fruits of our labor"

Now that we have some delicious salads, and other yummy veggies coming up nicely ,we can focus a little on the fruit around our garden. It looks like our guava tree is in bloom.

These pretty flowers will soon be replaced by some of the most delicious fruits 
I've ever tasted!

Then we have our apples, and oranges (and no, I don't compare them!)

Our mulberries are starting to turn darker. They will be cleaned, and frozen for later use.

Then we have our nectarine tree doing its thing, and the peaches are coming in huge this year.(Too bad the birds are getting the first taste!)

So it looks like we have plenty of work to be done in the near future. Cleaning, freezing, canning, making jams,etc.,but it's worth it for all the nutritious, and delicious treasures that we get from our gardens. Don't forget to exercise daily, and try to eat healthy, you may surprise yourself at how much better you feel!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Garden nutrients and Natures gym!

So now that we're well into June we have been getting some delicious greens, and cherry tomatoes. Our garden has already provided extra healthy nutrients, and we've only began. Here is some of our heirloom lettuce.
Looks like we have a pretty good bunch of tomatoes not to far behind.
The strawberries have been doing a lot better since we added our bird proof screening over the garden bed! Finally get to eat the berries instead of feeding the birds! "Sorry Birds!!!"

Yummy!!!! We sure could use more berries and fruits in our gardens! Remember we should be getting at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies every day! It is so much easier to go out to the garden ,or to the grow room , and pick your daily needed fruits and vegetables, instead of having to go to the market.

Once again ,powered up by nutritious foods and a little added vitamin supplementation via Advocare Spark we tackle another hill top overlooking the town of Atascadero!

We hiked along the Blue Oak Trail, and when we got near the top I was thinking "who needs a gym membership?" The energy from a little exercise ,and a healthy diet has helped me do so much more than I ever was able to do! After the hill we decided to walk along the ocean. This is at Shell beach!

Remember to eat your veggies!!!!!! It's not too late to get growing your own nutrient rich foods at home whether it be an outside garden or indoor hydroponic gardening.For complete grow room packages find everything you need at