Monday, October 23, 2017


Have you ever tried growing outdoor only to have your crops eaten up by birds, bugs, and other forces of nature!😢

 Whether outdoor or indoor gardening you will always face challenges! Using the sunlight, and soil for growing outside or high pressure sodium lights, and hydroponic systems to grow inside? What do I do?? If you decide to take things indoor! How do you figure out the  size of room or space will you need?

Here are a few things to think about!

  • What type, and size containers will you be using to grow your plants?
          There are many different sizes of containers and pots for many different growing methods. The type or strain of the plant you are planning on growing also has much to do with your needs.

  • Determine method of growing you will be using!
         Once again the strain or type of plant will have much to do with your decision with which growing method you will be using. Keep in mind Ebb & flow systems, and Drip systems will take up more room than say a soil grow or DWC . Root Spa

  • How many plants will you be growing, and what type or strain of plant?
         It is obvious that an entire garden would need more room than a single plant! But think about how big of a radius does each plant need? How tall is it gonna get? How far do my lights hang down?

  • Do you have the ability to control the environment such as temperature and humidity?
         Is there plenty of ventilation to help control the heat that is produced when using grow lights ? Is there room for a charcoal filter, and ventilation ducting? Especially if you are using metal halide or high pressure sodium high intensity discharge lamps! HID light kits If HID lamps are too hot or expensive to run for your taste you may like the cooler and less expensive to run LED. LED Lights

  • Ability to control the light source during different stages of growth, harvest, cloning,etc.?
          Will your entire grow be in cycles or will you be trying to keep all growing stages going at the same time? We know the vegetative stage light cycle is longer than the bloom light cycle so if you are going to use one grow space or room it will have to be split up with walls or grow tents. Using grow tents is a good way to split a single space into a complete grow room set up giving you the ability to veg, bloom, harvest, clone, dry, and process in one area. Grow tents