Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Looks like we are off to a good start this year. We have our lettuce coming in nicely.

Of course we need our spinach to go with it!

We are also growing several different kinds of tomatoes. The little cherry tomatoes come back every year on their own , but we did plant some other varieties also.
For other healthy dishes we have green beans coming up fast, and if anything like last year we should get a "truck load"
Our strawberries survived the winter and have already produced a few berries. (only the birds got to them first!) That's why we are starting to bring some of our growing Indoors.
The snails and other insects have snacked on the parsnips but we still managed to save a few!
The asparagus has been coming in pretty good so far, but like always it's just not enough.These guys are very delicious and healthy, but they grow to slow for my taste.

We have a rosemary bush that is pretty hardy but still young so we also started some parsley and basil. I am still considering a spice garden when I can find the extra time.
So as you can see the outdoor garden has sprung into action , and is taking off in good shape.Our inside plants are doing well also, minus the bug problem ,but just like before we just don't have the room inside for the scale of operation we want. So we will just see what lies ahead for our yummy little community in the coming weeks.