Friday, January 31, 2014

Indoor vs.outdoor

I had moderate luck with my outdoor garden last year, but some of the melons and vegetables just didn't want to grow like they should . Of course you know I will be trying the same things this year, but the question I keep asking myself is maybe somethings will do better in an indoor garden! I feel as if I may need to change the watering system in the outdoor garden, and use more fertilizer in the soil. Then I think about just going indoors, and not worry about soil at all. There is plenty of room outside for everything I want to grow, but limited space indoors. Indoor gardens have less disease and insects, and use less water, but I will lose to much space. Oh what to do! Lucky for me I have a little more time to plan.The greenhouse and raised garden beds are empty now, but hopefully soon they will be overly abundant with vegetables and herbs!


  1. Finally got some rain. Let the gardening games begin!

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